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What is Manhua?

Manhua is the name of the Chinese-style comics that are created today. The term Manhua is usually coined by the English language to tell the difference between Japanese-style Manga and the Chinese cartoons, although in China, it is used to describe the whole of the comic industry, from American cartoons to Korean Manhwa. While Hong Kong did use to have a comic industry that was joined with and worked for the whole of China, they have, since the 1950s, had their own, separate market.

Read right to left, similar to manga, Manhua is completely colored and shorter than that of Manga and Manhwa. Their eyes are generally bigger, or more detailed, and they usually have more attention in their clothing and hair than Manga.

Is there history behind Manhua?

Manhua is most likely to have first been created in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, during the middle of the 19th century, arriving with the introduction of lithographic printing. The first-known manhua was a sarcastic comic set inside magazines, made around the 1870s. This pair was to inspire more Manhua artist for the ages, although these firsts were a propaganda against the Japanese rule.

There is thought to be a pause of Major Manhua production by the more popular and early artists after the political direction changed in 1949, as many of their comics were probably based off the ongoing direction of politics.

In the 1920s, small picture book comics were popular, although until the major Shangai Sketch Society was formed, most Manhuas were nothing but piles of sketches. The Shangai Sketch, established in the 1920s, was known as the first popular and sucessful magazine of Chinese Comics. These comic was used again as a form of protest as the Second Sino-Japanese War, and was completley paused as the Japanese forces took over Hong Kong during the war. Luckily, they were revitalized and were on the unsteady rise by the end of the war.

Whats the difference?

Similar to Manhwa, Manhua is sorely lacking in recognition and is greatly overshadowed by the rise of its Japanese counterpart, otherwise known as Manga. These are the only comics that come out with the whole story colored in from cover to cover, rather than the first two pages in vibrance and the rest of the story in black and white, which is a popular format for both Manga and Manhwa. Read from left to right, similar to the Japanese-style comics, these pictures give more focus to the eyes and the clothing than Manga, and has a more similar style to Manhwa in that concept. Also similar to Manhwa, These Chinese-style cartoons are much more easily found in public websites than in stores, as Manhua isn very well known.

The best Manhua of all time

As said above, they are not easily found in public stores, although you may find some after a few minutes of searching. They will most likely be found in the public websites that scan and translate Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua. While the Chinese style comics won be easily found in the next bookstore over, you can find many of them by going online to buy them. Some best Manhua will include:

  • S.A - Jougai Rantou [Special A - Street Fight] by Maki Minami (shelved 1 time as chinese-
  • The One, Volume #18 by Nicky Lee (shelved 1 time as chinese-manhua)
  • Ardour (Ardour, #4) by Rou Xuan Wu (shelved 1 time as chinese-manhua)

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